That Pounding in your Chest

If you can find a way in your heart to forgive people by understanding why they are bizarre and abominable, then you must learn to understand how you are so, and why.  If you want to become a good person you must learn what causes someone to go bad.  How we allow the tyrant to overtake our heart and soul, because we seek to defend our selves from the horrors of living a life uncharted, of dying alone and helpless.  The demons of hell are the demons of our own, the Tyrants of the throne are tyrants of our own. This world is your own making and your own undoing. We promote our ego, preservation of our self-image, to the fore-front of our mind’s defense and strategy operations. In the modern world Character, Wisdom, and Inner development are abandoned  lest to augment the Ego.  But the Ego is only a steward of the soul, not its master.


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