Portland, a city for every season.

I’m a photographer living in the city of Portland, Oregon, a near endless well-spring of Photographic opportunities and challenges. With its legacy of historic buildings and cathedrals both crumbling & abandoned as well as faithfully restored. The Bridges, the hills, the districts. Portland also has a multitude of sleek, mirrored and dynamic.ultra modern high-rises.


dsc_8136.jpgPortland is also a tree city. We have more park space per acre than any other city in the US. And boy do our trees earn their keep. Every year the trees put on a show for the residents of the Bridge city which is a huge part of the beauty of Portland.  Every autumn i try to make it to the Portland Japanese gardens to to see the famous maples turning

In the Autumn after the bright warm summer is over the leaves paint the avenues and parks in a vivid display of color. This is my favorite time to shoot. It is why I moved to Portland. It is brief and every changing so do not hesitate shutter bugs. After all the leaves have fallen the rainy, endlessly overcast days that Portland is known for take over.

The overcast skies of the PNW just so happens to be the right amount of diffusion to make Portland photos turn out perfect. The harsh sun of summer will ruin just about any outdoor shot. You might as well put your camera away.

rain2_prime_editcloudy2prime_edited_againThe rain may pose a problem so I do suggest an umbrella. I stood in the rain with a pink umbrella over my camera (not me) on the side of Mt. Tabor for four hours to get two shots of the Portland skyline.

IjAPANES mAGNOLIA copyn the spring, our fair city turns pink. Plum and Cherry trees paint the town pink. Wafts of fallen blooms swirl in the spring wind as summer slowly approaches and the clouds begin to break.  Soon it will be too bright out for photographers to not get overexposed shots. That’s the season they head into the studio or the forests to dim down the bright sun.

Portland is a beautiful city that changes throughout the year. I suggest any serious photographer spend at least a year ere to see all it has to offer.


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