Voodoo Candy

My Final project for my Image manipulation class was to patch two photos together in Photoshop in a way that makes a small object look larger than life or large to small. I’ve been watching way too many zombie movies and video games lately so I decided to do a zombie theme for my project. I saw these huge Gummie Bears at the candy store and had a stroke of inspiration. I bought a bag of assorted candies and various sizes of Gummie Bears. The shoot was done in my living-room on a white board. I found a few photos of a store front of a candy shop online. Normally I would shoot my own but for the sake of time I took a shortcut. (I’ll probably re-shoot over the holiday break. This was fun.) I used all I knew about using masks and several new iris blur filters offered on PS6.

The goal of the project was to make an unreal image look as real as possible. I couldn’t really figure out how to use the 3D perspective tools so I just relied on the blur effects and careful positioning of layers. The larger Bears were on the bottom of the bag so they squished up quite nicely. The warping and hunched over look helped add to the lumbering zombie effect. I used Gummie Worms for the guts of one poor Gummie soul whose brain is being eating and a mini Gob-stopper for an eyeball, a few mini Gummies scurrying in the background and a few fresh victims with bloody faces rushing towards the camera finish off the gory scene. There is something diabolical about the boy’s smirk in this context. To a ten year old boy this is probably the coolest thing he could ever see. Is he next??




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